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My Business

I grew up in a family that valued and celebrated expression. From an early age, I was surrounded by talented artists and artisans fully immersed in the creative process of making functional pieces of art. They dedicated their time, energy and talents to designing and tailoring apparel, crafting fine jewelry, and building furniture.

This nurtured in me a lifelong passion and appreciation for the fine arts. It also sparked my desire to produce new creations that were distinctly my own in jewelry, fashion, and antique furniture restoration. Today, through my business in Salzburg, I offer unique pieces that I have designed and fashioned myself, whether they are brand new pieces, or have been restored with love and imagination.

As an artist, I relish being able to express myself through jewellery, fashion, and furniture design. Each of these mediums possess inherent physical characteristics and qualities that guide my process and help me bring out their natural beauty. Every new article of clothing or jewellery I create from scratch reveals itself to me through the creative process, just as each piece of furniture I restore tells its own story about the era in which it was made, the history it has been a part of, and its previous owners. I always strive to create beautiful items that combine art and function, past and future, tradition and modernity.

My Inspiration

I believe that furniture, jewellery, and clothing reflect people’s values. These items not only decorate and adorn; accessories are meant to express individual identity. Think about your own home. You probably spend most of the day at work, in an environment you may not have much control over. When you come home, you should be able to enjoy a combination of beauty and comfort of your choosing.

Just as your home is designed to reflect your everyday lifestyle, your accessories are daily expressions of individuality in your wardrobe. Any outfit can be transformed by one unique or special accessory. The challenge to create the perfect timeless piece is always fresh and always exciting. My understanding of, and respect for, the materials I use results in objects which are beautiful and unique while providing longevity and functionality.

I am not a factory – I do not “reproduce” things or seek to make the same piece twice. All of my creations are one-of-a-kind. I create functional art that provides lifestyle value in a way that off-the-shelf pieces simply cannot. Combining a creative eye in design with a disciplined ethos and expertise in construction ensures that my jewellery, fashions, and revised vintage furniture pieces are stylishly elegant in their quality and individuality, and are imbued with a soul. My pieces make you feel that you are at one, and in both the past and the present – all at the same time.

Meticulously and painstakingly finished to the highest quality, all of my pieces are objects of desire that will reflect the owner’s personality and style. Rounding out my online offerings, I have hand-selected other Artisan products that match the style and quality of my own collection. These items include home accessories, unique leather bags, belts, embroidered jackets, tailored nightgowns, and more.

My Story

I look for harmony in balancing traditional values of craftsmanship and attention to detail on one hand with a contemporary feel for design on the other. My pieces are both beautiful, and comfortable. I relish the challenge of every new piece, bringing it to life and giving it character, hoping always to combine the vision of an artist with the skill of a craftsman.

Each object takes painstaking hours to complete, carefully following details, and maintaining the original design aesthetic throughout. I take a very personal pride in all my work and never think of a piece as complete and finished if I’m not completely happy with it. While “unique” is a very over-used word in our culture, my pieces are one-of-a-kind, with their own function, character and soul.